Work Programme  - 2012/2013 school year

Approx. start date

Description of mobilities and other activities

Partners involved / Realization

August 2012

Project meeting of coordinators in France:
defining activities,mobilities    

All partners – 15th-18th September 2012, France

September 2012 





























1.  Meetings with staff and parents, envisioned to take part in the project
2.  Joining e-Twinning project,
3.  creating a common web-blog and web pages at both institutions' web-sites
4.  Creation a  Comenius corner in the institutions
5.  Students' competition of creation a logo to the project

























1.  Latvia:
30 August  - meeting the school staff/presentation of the project
3 September – presentation of the project to the whole school
27 September – meeting with the school staff (Subject – coordinators’ meeting in France, planning work)
9 October – meeting with parents – Presentation of the project, signing agreement of participating

4 Sept. Meeting with the school staff/presentation of the project
24th Sept. Meeting with parents/presentation of the project/signing agreement of participating
September –joined e-Twinning

September –joined e-Twinning

2.  Latvia:
3 September – information about the project on “Klasika” website.
28 September – a web page at “Kasika” website
Sept. Students work on the logo
28th Sept. Meeting with the editor of Kelou, the school magazine
Oct. Web page on St-Joseph site
Latvia/France agreed not to create a common web-blog, but use e-Twinning secure platform to communicate, share ideas and exchange works. Both schools will put information about the project at their school’s websites.
The web-page will contain: Information about both schools, project’s aims and goals, working programme, students’ profiles, logo competition, students’ PPresentations and graphs, description of meetings and mobilities, photos.

3.  Latvia:
September – created a Comenius corner
Oct. Students write an article for Kelou, St-Jo school magazine

4.  Latvia/France
September -At both schools students work on creation a logo to the project
From 15 – 19 October students will vote for the best logo
21st Oct: final day for choosing the best logo (displayed in the Comenius corner)













Students collect data, make PPresentations  on the following topic: people and lifestyles












Considering the fact that both schools have got students, who entered the project in September 2012, we agreed to start the project with writing students’ profiles.
From 1 – 5 October both schools will exchange students’ profiles. Students will choose a pen friend and start e-mailing each other. Once a month English teachers will check students’ correspondence.

By the end of November students will have made PPresentations on the following topic  - people and lifestyles:
•   Population and national identity
•   Religion and beliefs
•   Daily life (types of houses, eating habits, routine, etiquette)
•   Education
•   Types of businesses and jobs
•   Leisure (sport, hobbies, holidays)
•   Shopping
•   Fashion
•   Mass media

December 2012



Video conference: discussing results, finding cultural differences and similarities
Students make charts or graphs to present the results
Writing articles to school newspapers, web-blog, school website

7 December 2012 – video conference

10-21 December -  making charts, putting the results on the website, writing articles to the school newspaper.

February 2013    







Students collect data, make PPresentations  on the following topic: sport and leisure







It was decided to include the topic (sport and leisure) into the previous topic about people and lifestyles. In January  and February students will work on the topic  - history and traditions:
•   History in brief
•   Latvia/France and the European Union
•   National holidays
•   National costumes
•   National Music and Dances
•   National cuisine
•   Architecture
•   Famous sightseeings
•   Famous people of all times

March 2013   




Students make films on the topics: people and lifestyles, history and traditions

Preparation for mobility to Latvia



As not all students can make films we decided to give an option : making Films or Posters  or Photos exhibitions on the discussed topics from November to March.

In March students of both schools will prepare for the mobility to Latvia. The students  will prepare presentation of  their country, school and traditions.

April 2013  




French students and teachers mobility to Latvia:

Visit of the school, excursions, exchanging of experience, quizzes, games, workshops, language lessons


The mobility to Latvia will be from 7 – 17 April 2013

The working programme of French students mobility to Latvia will be ready by November 2012.

7-17 April the coordinators’ meeting will be organised to discuss the mobility to France and working plan for the 2013/2014 sch. year.

May 2013    



Writing articles to school newspapers, web-blog, school website, Comenius corner about the mobility,  exhibition of photos


Both schools will analyse the results of the mobility and prepare for the mobility to France.
The mobility to France will be from 22 September to 2 October 2013.
The working programme of Latvian students mobility to France will be ready by Jan.2013