The aim of the project is to give students from both schools the opportunity to find out about life and culture in EU member states: France and Latvia. The project will help to broad students' horizons about today's world and discover the reality behind many stereotypes, as well as to think about their own life and culture.

   This goal will be obtained through a common second language (English) and by developing basic communicative skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in the socio cultural context of these teenager students. The students will investigate Latvia and France through the following issues: people and lifestyles, history and  traditions, the world we live in. During the exchange visits they will collect and share data of cultural differences and similarities, experience life in another European country. In addition, the students can get basic knowledge of Latvian, French and Russian languages as lessons will be offered in both institutions.
Via a journey through the countries, the students will produce two handbooks: "Exchange students survival kit in Latvia/France", make films about the project.
The project will also permit teachers to explore and to put into practise new teaching methods by using ICT. They will improve their digital competence and share experience and knowledge with colleagues in a step by step approach.
The project will be the combination of skills that are necessary for real life – European culture awareness, technology, multimedia, language and communication skills.


1. To get an awareness of the European Community and the Comenius project by the creation of a logo, that will be chosen in a competition organised by students
2. To introduce the European dimension of the project by presenting the institutions to each other by means of ICT tools
3. To enhance our students’ understanding and knowledge of different European countries and cultures and thus overcome their prejudices and increase tolerance.
4. To get students interested and motivated in learning and practising English skills as well as get acquainted with other European languages (French, Latvian, Russian)
5. To create a web blog to share our products and outcomes.
6. To introduce ICT as means of communication of teachers and students (sending e-mails, Skype video conferences, Power Point presentations)
7. To discover information about European countries involved in the project on the following topics: people and lifestyles, history and traditions, the world we live in.
8. To collect data of cultural differences and similarities of the partner institution in the other country, make charts or graphs and analyse the results
9. To make, illustrate and print two handbooks: "Exchange students survival kit in Latvia/France"
10. To make films about the project experience
11. To create a Comenius corner in the institutions with the purpose of advertising and disseminating the partnership activities/results/products.
12. To organise a school event, where the exchange students will present the experience of the mobility exchange and the project experience.